The hc1 Story: Treating Patients Like People, Not Numbers

Nearly everyone has a personal anecdote that goes something like this: my <friend, daughter, father, etc.> required healthcare treatment and the experience was frustrating, impersonal, and isolating.

hc1 exists to change the way that story begins and ends.

Our sole mission is to personalize the healthcare experience for providers and the patients they serve. Led by veteran technology entrepreneur Brad Bostic, grew out of Bostic’s recognition that the healthcare industry fails to treat both patients and providers as individuals.

The hc1 Healthcare Relationship Cloud was designed from the ground up to enable healthcare organizations to deliver the level of unified, personalized, superior service that we’ve come to expect from other industries. He realized that, while healthcare entities store an abundance of data at both the provider and patient level, the challenge lies in quickly transforming massive volumes of clinical, diagnostic data into holistic profiles spanning providers and patients to foster a five star experience.

Company Stats

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Founded in 2011

With the simple goal to improve relationship management within healthcare.

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Double Digit Growth

Catch us if you can.

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Over 1,000 Clients

Trust and rely on us to run their operations.

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3.9 Billion Clinical Transactions

Processed to date and growing.

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90 Million Consumer Profiles

Stored to date and growing.

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8 Prestigious Awards

KLAS, Gartner...don't make us gloat.

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Over 4,000 Users on hc1 Platform

Logged on and deriving value.

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200+ Team Members

Actively working every day on our mission.

Our Awards

As the #1 rated Healthcare Relationship Management platform, hc1 has been recognized by some of the biggest names in healthcare and technology.

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