Client Experience

At hc1, we don’t just give you a map to success – we forge the path with you. As a client of hc1, you will have a dedicated partner to achieving the long-term goals of your organization. Our team is dedicated to supporting you in various ways, from the first sales call to custom solutions we build together three years down the road. It is all part of our 5-star personalized customer experience.

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This roadmap to success includes various stages dedicated to optimization, personalization, and continued innovation for clients. Our Client Experience milestones include:

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  • Activate

Becoming part of the hc1 family means entering into a true partnership – we get to know your team and your goals as you get to know us and the solutions we offer. The better we know our customers, the better we can serve them now and down the road.

  • Connect

Working with hc1’s team of Client Success All-Stars, you will begin to identify trends, goals, and targets within the platform that you would like to reach. Aligning internal resources with hc1’s powerful HIPAA-compliant platform means your strategies are well defined – and easy to implement.

  • Innovate

Once you are are up and running with hc1, and are seeing measurable results via easy-to-read dashboards and reports, it’s time for the real fun to start. Taking the platform one step further to proactively tackle innovative projects and regularly hit success metrics and KPIs.

  • Transform

And isn’t the real goal to transform the way you do business, interact with customers, and succeed in the marketplace? hc1 is on hand to take your team to the next level, engaging clients, automating processes, and maximizing your output – and pipeline – for optimal results.

Our team is dedicated to helping you maximize your investment in the hc1 platform. This is why we are proud to introduce Premium Client Success Management, designed to help your team succeed at every stage of your journey. Based on your strategic business objectives, we will work together to  prioritize, plan, and execute on growth and optimization projects following the win, adopt, and expand approach. You can learn more about the hc1 Client Experience and Premium Client Success Management at

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See how you can increase transparency and efficiency in your lab or health system.