By Chris Tunnell

Chris Tunnell recently joined the hc1 team as Chief Commerical Officer. In this role, he is charged with all aspects of revenue generation, innovation, and growth for the company.

Today’s healthcare technology landscape is a veritable minefield. For every antiquated industry giant like Oracle or Epic, there is a new, nimble startup just waiting to break through. After growing and selling two extremely successful technology platforms in the healthcare industry, I started to wonder what else was out there.

With so many solutions on the market, I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision when it came time to start the next chapter in my career. So I went back to the drawing board: What made this solution and team superior? When I was introduced to the team at hc1, there was just no other comparison. Not only was the team innovative, creative, and eager, but also the product was light years beyond anything else I’d come across.

What Makes The hc1 Platform Stand Out In The Crowded Marketplace

For some, the term ‘CRM’ can bring to mind ideas of tedious sales processes and workflows. For healthcare organizations, however, finding an industry-specific CRM platform in this tumultuous climate can be the difference between success and failure. When I saw what the hc1 platform can provide post acute care organizations, from skilled nursing facilities to home health agencies to hospice providers, I knew I had to be part of the team that brought these solutions to life:

Two-Way EHR & E-Discharge Integration: With patient vitals, histories, admissions, and discharge information in a single location, organizations can now capture patient referrals in real-time – without the risk of double entry. With live integrations with e-discharge systems like Allscripts or Curaspan, it’s easier than ever to get new patient referrals up and running fast.

Real-Time Market Intelligence: Thanks to a proprietary Artificial Intelligence component, the hc1 platform can uncover new potential referral sources for individual reps based on pre-determined components such as patient DRG, length of stay, readmission rates, or even average margin potential. With real-time interactive mapping that automatically guides reps to their most profitable referral sources, hc1 has built the must-have growth platform for post acute and diagnostic healthcare organizations looking to aggressively grow their business.

100% Referral-Centric, Healthcare-Specific CRM: Rounding out the platform is the healthcare-specific, referral-centric CRM functionality. Managers can monitor reps’ outreach activities and results in real-time and proactively oversee incentive compensation and liaison skill management. With a CRM pre-populated with potential referral-source data, reps can get a head start on new deals.

Because of these undeniable strengths over generic technology solutions, I knew that hc1 is the right place for me to continue to innovate and move healthcare technology forward. If you’re looking to grow with healthcare technology, I can highly recommend doing your due diligence to understand not only how a platform is helping customers but also how it is pushing the boundaries of innovation and growth.

Questions about how the hc1 platform can help your healthcare organization grow? Feel free to reach out directly anytime to our skilled Healthcare Solutions Specialists at
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