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By Sarah Virgil

Hundreds tuned into last Thursday's Webinar, "The Ultimate Guide to Lab Growth in 2013: 3 Secrets to Unlocking Client Intelligence" where Chi Solutions CEO Kathleen Murphy and CEO Brad Bostic spoke about simplifying and ultimately conquering the lack of access to client intelligence many labs across the country experience.

Kathleen and Brad also took questions and provided their insight on certain topics such as KPI's and metrics, lab information accessibility, and data portability to lab databases.

This interactive webinar also included a poll question designed to get feedback from our attendees on what was the number one obstcle preventing their lab from accessing actionable client intelligence. The majority (40%) expressed "Data is Spread Across Too Many Silos" as their top choice.

These results also show us that there is a lot of opportunity for labs to improve their performance by gaining access to this actionable client intelligence. As you can also see, there is more than just one challenge labs face when trying to access client intelligence. In the past, healthcare entities have focused on and mastered internal clinical processes, but as we move into this new phase of healthcare, it is critical to have outstanding relationship management between other various healthcare entities.

For a deeper analysis into unlocking client intelligence, download the complimentary whitepaper.

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