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By Sarah Virgil

In today’s complex healthcare industry, laboratories are finding themselves increasingly involved in complex deals involving multiple departments, contacts, and stakeholders. Unfortunately, many of these labs don’t have access to the tools and resources necessary to streamline these conversations and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Incyte Diagnostics, a leading pathology practice out of Washington, realized that in order to proactively grow business and increase profitability they needed to take steps towards mining insights and actionable strategies from the incredible amount of data at their fingertips. The various departments within the lab were all using different systems, which drastically restricted possible growth and accountability. Executives and decision makers couldn’t trust the integrity of data, resulting in bottlenecks with new deals and customer support.

Incyte implemented a full-service healthcare CRM solution with live analytics to address both the lack of transparency into sales volume and revenue as well as actionable data to help drive business activities forward. Undergoing an organization-wide technology upgrade wasn’t easy, but it was worth it in the long run.

“We had specific metrics we wanted to see from a sales perspective, so it took around six months to get off the ground,” said Nate Koenig, Chief Marketing Officer at Incyte, while speaking at the Healthcare Sales + Growth Summit this past February. “Our CRM platform was originally just going to be a sales tool, but our team knew it had a larger potential to impact the company as a whole so we expanded the project very early.”

On the new business side, sales managers can now track outbound activities, the sales pipeline by rep, and even specimen volume of new accounts.

“In sales, there is always an element of competition – reps always want to be ‘number one’,” said Koenig. “Having visibility into exactly how reps are performing is a great motivating factor for the rest of the team.”

Today, the entire Incyte team is leveraging their CRM and analytics platform to make better business decisions and streamline internal operations. Executives have clear insight into year-over-year market trends, payor trends, and can even drill through to analyze the data by specific factors and filters. The team is also using the platform to streamline outbound messaging; collecting surveys, monitoring volume, and staying in the loop on changing reimbursement trends.

“We can now see exactly what people across the entire organization are doing to move the needle,” said Koenig. “It’s now more than numbers on a screen – it’s real-world strategy and action.”

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