CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard powered by hc1
To support health care providers and public health agencies in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic,
hc1 is leading a coalition of 20K+ lab testing locations to power the CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard.


Unified Lab Outreach With hc1 and Path-Tech

For today's labs, growing a successful outreach operation and increasing revenue often requires detailed analytics and insight. Two healthcare leaders, and Path-Tec, have partnered to unify people, processes, and information to open the door to transformative outreach processes. hc1, the #1-rated Healthcare Relationship Management platform, and Path-Tec, a leading specimen management platform, created an innovative partnership that lays the foundation for innovative labs to: Optimize Traceability: Labs can track specimen kits throughout the entire journey with best-in-class courier and…
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