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By Sarah Virgil

The team at Gulfstream Diagnostics, a leading laboratory based out of Dallas, TX, knew that in order to fully embrace changing healthcare paradigms the organization needed to rethink the way it served its providers and patients. With multiple departments involved in the customer onboarding process – from sales to compliance to IT and billing – miscommunication and errors were all too common.

“The onboarding process is the first impression a customer has of our lab,” said Christan Gonzales, Director of Client Services for Gulfstream, as she spoke at the Healthcare Sales + Growth Summit this past February. “A client really isn’t [truly a customer] until they get their first patient test results back.”

Customer onboarding is one of the most important parts of building strong customer relationships, and it can have a serious impact on customer satisfaction and retention. It takes up to 12 positive vendor experiences to make up for a single negative experience, and streamlined customer onboarding ensures a client relationship gets off on the right foot.

This renewed dedication to customer onboarding led Gulfstream leadership to chose a full-service healthcare CRM (customer relationship management) platform to help automate processes and streamline communication between departments. Today, Gulfstream is successfully:

Creating new accounts faster

Encouraging interdepartmental communication

Tracking future profitability of customers

Reducing onboarding errors

With their healthcare CRM platform in place, Gulfstream decision makers have access to detailed dashboards and analytics, which provide visibility into each section of the onboarding process. Managers can quickly identify the status of new customers in real-time and determine next steps.

“Having the ability to uncover roadblocks and obstacles in real-time makes it easier to determine a solution,” said Marisa Gebhard, System Analyst at Gulfstream, also speaking at the Healthcare Sales + Growth Summit. “It’s now possible to hold departments and team members accountable for their role in the onboarding process.”

Gulfstream is leveraging their CRM platform to not only make it easier to move customers through the onboarding process but also to help upsell and identify profitable customers. Intuitive dashboards highlight missing paperwork, grade new customer ‘health’ status, and even track expected vs. actual specimen volume so reps can immediately see if an account dips below the benchmark.

“Today, with our CRM in place, our team has been able to simplify the entire onboarding process thanks to streamlined communication and transparency,” said Gonzales. “Without our old bottlenecks standing in the way, we can provide amazing customer service starting at the very beginning of a client relationship.”

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