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By Mark Bridenstine

The 29th annual G2 Lab Institute will be held in Arlington, VA next month. hc1.com is the gold sponsor of this event, which will bring together lab experts and execs to discuss some of the biggest topics in health care.

One of the most pressihc1.com - more than crm for labsng challenges for many of these execs is business growth. With increasing competition and new regulations, how will they continue to grow their lab's new clients and increase profitability through the remainder of this year and 2012?

This is exactly why members of hc1.com will be attending the conference. Gone are the days of consistent growth simply as a result of testing and process excellence. In today's increasingly competitive market, the only way for labs to grow is by delivering outstanding service to their clients. And in order to deliver this kind of service, they must have actionable data at their fingertips, a real-time pulse on what's happening with all of their clients, and immediate alerts that enable their clients to offer superior patient care.

hc1.com is more than a lab outreach solution or health care CRM. By connecting disparate medical systems and providing a 360-degree view of every client, hc1.com arms labs with the knowledge they need to create long-lasting relationships that foster growth.

To view an online demonstration of hc1.com, you can meet up with our team at G-2 (look for our banner – we'll be giving out Amex gift card prizes, too. Our winner from the past G-2 conference is featured above!) or schedule your demo now.

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