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By Shelly Simeone

Today’s post acute care organizations are wholly dependent on incoming patient referrals from health systems and hospitals. Unfortunately many post acute facilities, including acute rehab centers, skilled nursing facilities, and home health organizations, don’t have access to the data that helps them manage, track, and optimize these referral relationships.

In order to be truly successful in the age of value-based care, post acute facilities must have detailed insight into referral metrics and data. Tracking critical referral relationships allow post acute care organizations to:

Optimize incoming referral revenue

Post acute leaders can now look at detailed metrics such as referral volume, referral revenue by location, and frequent referral hospitals to uncover trending information or details. This data allows organizations to optimize internal operations and make better business decisions.


Increase quality referrals

Organizations can take referral management a step further and hone in on the most profitable and attractive referrals. Dashboards can uncover highly specific metrics such as Admitted Rates, Payor Ratios, and Denial Rates to see which referring clients are most profitable.

Establish value-based relationships

Referral Management solutions enable post acute care facilities to deliver data-backed reports to healthcare providers and referring physicians to highlight progress and success in real-time. These reports outline admittance rates, payor denial rates, and other metrics that are critical for post acute care organizations and their clients.

The hc1 team is heading to TWO post acute care conferences next week! Check out the details below and make sure you say hello if you’re in the area:

Long Term Care 100 

The Long Term Care 100 Conference is the premier leadership conference exclusively for C-level executives from large skilled nursing providers. The partnership between LTC 100 and is a testament to the best-in-class solutions built exclusively for healthcare organizations on the #1 rated hc1 Healthcare Relationship Management platform.

Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference

Join over 2,500 healthcare and operational executives from across the nation as they unite to advance excellence in senior living through education, networking, and innovation. Meet with hc1 at booth #1927 to see how Healthcare Relationship Management is making a difference for leading post acute care and senior care centers around the country. Schedule a meeting with hc1.


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