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By Sarah Virgil

For many labs in today’s healthcare marketplace, growing outreach operations is a must. With so much data and content on hand, however, it can be difficult to sift through the noise to identify exactly where to focus for maximum impact.

For Incyte Diagnostics, an innovative lab based out of Spokane, WA, increasing revenue meant streamlining internal operations.

“We were looking to grow and react to changes in the market with agility,” says Ryan Berk, a lead Business Analyst at Incyte Diagnostics. “Working in spreadsheets and doing things manually all that lacks consistency and control.



To remain competitive and agile in the marketplace, Incyte turned to the healthcare-specific CRM solution on the hc1 platform. With hc1 in place, Incyte saw a measurable increase in overall value-added time.

“Our reps are now spending less time in the office dealing with things and more time out in the field dealing with issues,” Ryan says.

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