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By Kim Spivey

Stop by the hc1 booth at CLMA GA to see hc1’s Lab Quality solution in action.

For lab leaders looking to successfully navigate the tumultuous healthcare landscape of 2017, transparency into all lab operations and quality of testing services is a must-have. Unfortunately, today’s lab representatives spend so much time gathering data, receiving incoming calls, and searching through paper records that it can be a stretch to even make it to operational tasks such as gathering KPIs or issue tracking.

For CLIA-certified labs especially, ongoing quality inspections are required to remain in operation. When data is trapped within multiple, siloed sources, it becomes time consuming and difficult to collect, analyze, and report on these broad quality metrics.

In an ideal world, labs should be able to access critical quality metrics from anywhere, at any time. With the new Lab Quality solution from hc1, automated reporting and KPI tracking is available in real-time, effectively eliminating delayed and static data.

The Lab Quality solution from hc1 provides labs with:

  • Real-time analytics that allow reps to spend less time gathering reports and more time with value-add activities.
  • Actionable insight that results in better TAT performance, policy adherence, and more test management focus.
  • Streamlined documentation to track detailed issue metrics and decrease time to reporting.
  • Root cause analysis, resulting in more corrective action and higher preparedness levels for CAP inspections.

Lab quality dashboards and reports allow leaders to deliver 5-star service to provider and patient customers while operating at the highest level. Teams are always prepared for emergency inspections and are able to avoid unnecessary fines. Staying on top of issues increases a lab’s value to ordering hospitals and physician practices, optimizing this relationship throughout the entire care continuum.

Want to learn more? Stop by the hc1 booth at CLMA GA on Feb 23 to see hc1’s Lab Quality Solutions in action!  Learn more here.


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