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By Sarah Virgil

Faced with the juggernaut that is Meaningful Use regulations, healthcare providers could be left questioning how to meet rising Stage 2 guidelines. Almost overwhelmingly, the answer that seems to come up the most is patient engagement.

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Here are some ways that integrating your patient engagement portal or strategy with the Healthcare Relationship Cloud® can help you meet these Meaningful Use guidelines:

  • Clinical data is automatically integrated from hc1, so patient profiles can be easily updated to reflect doctor visits, the EMR, etc.
  • Secure messaging abilities within hc1 allow PHI to transmitted safely between users. This can also extend to the patients themselves, to promote education and health awareness.
  • Because the Healthcare Relationship Cloud® operates in real-time, with a running live feed of data available anytime, anywhere, from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, all users (whether patients, providers, or healthcare professionals) have timely access to critical healthcare information.
  • hc1 is already helping leading hospitals interact with their valuable patient population through automated text messages and email alerts that relay appointment reminders and follow-up instructions.
  • The Healthcare Relationship Cloud® can prepare your organization for stage 3 of Meaningful Use by streamlining workflows, increasing productivity, and driving a culture of accountability in your organization.

These are just a few of the ways the Healthcare Relationship Cloud® can help hospitals and health systems engage with their patients and meet Meaningful Use guidelines. To learn more about how hc1 can work in your healthcare organization, call 317-219-4646 or email today!


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