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By Sarah Virgil

This past week, COO Chris Brown was asked to be a panelist at theT2 Systems Connect 2014 User Group conference in Indianapolis, IN. T2 Systems is a technology-focused parking system provider that enables clients to achieve greater efficiencies and increased revenues through unified solutions and sophisticated tools. The T2 User Group conference provided parking and transportation officials with the opportunity to learn about dynamic new training tracks, product updates, and industry news.

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Now, you’re probably sitting there thinking “What in the world does parking have to do with Healthcare Relationship Management?” Surprisingly, they have more in common than you may think.

Chris and the other members of his panel – representatives from the retail web space and IT consulting – discussed the process and approach of implementing data analytics and understanding how data flows, who benefits from analytics, and the problems data analytics can solve.

Data analytics and business intelligence (BI) are fundamentally rooted in leveraging data to better serve customers – whether your customers are visiting the hospital or parking a car. At, our real-time analytics track every facet of the patient journey, including patient wait times. Health systems and hospitals can then leverage this data to improve the patient experience for the individual.


This same concept is easily transferrable to the parking industry. There is an incredible amount of data that is available to parking officials, whether it is the amount of time a car is waiting in line, how long a car is in the garage, or peak hours of garage traffic. Imagine if officials could leverage this data to not only inform customers how many spots are open, but which levels those spots were on. Providing information back to the customer that cuts down the time spent looking for a parking spot is crucial in building brand loyalty in a market ripe with competition.

Chris was able to answer questions from conference attendees on the best way to implement a data analytics program, with emphasis on cloud-based solutions. These solutions are easy to get off the ground if you delegate specific roles within your organization, and meet frequently to discuss the end goal of what you hope to achieve with the BI solution.

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