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By Ali Roach

My summer has been full of new experiences. I moved to Indianapolis in June and started work as a graphic design specialist at hc1 a week later. Having just graduated from Indiana University in May, I quickly had to adjust to a new city, job, and “adult” lifestyle.


Thankfully, I am a part of Orr Fellowship, a business and entrepreneurial-focused fellowship program that employs recent graduates with primarily tech-based host companies in the Indianapolis area. Not only does the fellowship offer full-time employment, there is also curriculum outside of work that supports continued learning and professional development, including a speaker series and a variety of workshops. The fellowship consists of about 90 first and second-year fellows, who have become both my personal and professional community since I moved a month and a half ago. The fellows are really active in the Indianapolis area, doing everything from volunteering for a local cause to trying new restaurants (Bru Burger and Garden Table are two of my current favorites) to playing a pickup game of really any sport. Because of this program, I have kept very busy throughout the summer, which has made my adjustment to post-grad life much smoother than I could have anticipated.

hc1 also wasted no time in getting me adjusted into my role, I started my first major project on my fourth day in the office! I was able to immediately apply my UX/UI design skills as I helped create a new segment of the hc1 platform. However, my first week was not all hard work. On my second day, we had our quarterly company-wide meeting, which involved several presentations from each department and was a great learning opportunity for me to better understand hc1. The second half of the day was full of fun and games, with food trucks, a bounce house, ping-pong games, beer, and margaritas to celebrate the end of the quarter and our newly renovated warehouse space where employees can work and play hard! During my first week at hc1, I got a great sense of the culture, it is extremely fast-paced and constantly changing but in the midst of it all, everyone knows how to relax and have a good time.

Between Orr and hc1, I have an awesome new life here in Indianapolis. I didn’t know much about Indy before moving, but after being here for just a short while, I can already tell that it is the right place for me and a great first step as a recent graduate.


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