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By Sarah Virgil

As a family-owned skilled nursing facility with over 20 locations in Indiana, CarDon & Associates needed a way to deliver amazing service to their residents and their families – without increasing costs. In order to realize this goal, CarDon partnered with hc1 to develop CarDon Analytics, a proprietary, in-house analytics package that facilitates better decision making and strategy across all of CarDon’s facilities.

Today, with real-time analytics and data driving strategy and focus, CarDon is able to:

  • Gain live insight into patient admissions and discharge rates to staff employees more effectively.
  • Understand resident readmission causes in more detail to proactively reduce the overall number of readmissions across all sites.
  • Access a clear picture of the entire patient lifecycle – from inpatient to outpatient to post acute care – to expertly manage the daily flow and care of residents.

“By highlighting trends and potential issues,” says Brian Peters, CIO of Cardon, “We’re able to proactively address virtually every aspect of our operations, including staffing, admissions, and discharges – ultimately creating the highest level of care.”

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