By Lauren VanDenBoom

While everyone in the healthcare industry is up in arms over declining reimbursements and the rise of fee-for-value service, hospital labs have another worry to add to the already-overflowing bucket of issues. According to Hospitals & Health Networks, the number of medical and clinical lab jobs is expected to grow 22% over the next 10 years. Lab officials worry that there won't be enough workers to fill these positions – positions that, from a purely financial angle, may have to be cut anyways.

When staffing challenges force labs to cut expenses and start looking to save money, there are short-term options available. One way that labs can save money in the short term is through lab utilization. With the hc1® Healthcare Relationship Cloud™, labs are not only able to quickly cut back on unnecessary testing, but they are also provided a holistic, 360-degree view of all of their provider clients, allowing them to pinpoint which provider is ordering the most unnecessary tests.


In this fee-for-value healthcare environment, labs are being challenged to take a proactive role in their client relationships. Hospital clinical labs need to be able to communicate with providers and explain which tests do (and don't) need to be run for certain patients, and with the Healthcare Relationship Cloud™, labs are armed with the data and insights necessary to enter into this critical conversation.

When labs can show providers where they can save the hospital time and money, they establish their value within the system. For more information on how the hc1 Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ can help your lab rein in test utilization and save money, contact us today!


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