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By Sarah Virgil

This post is part of our series dedicated to innovative laboratories in honor of Lab Week 2018.

As a leading clinical pathology laboratory, Incyte Diagnostics is running multiple systems to manage both its internal sales process and handle external payor information. Unfortunately, most of this data sharing was being done via spreadsheets and email, which caused major efficiency breakdowns and bottlenecks. When Incyte’s Chief Marketing Officer realized that he was receiving nearly 18,000 emails a year from his sales reps, he started looking for a scalable solution to help eliminate these data silos and streamline sales operations.

Today, Incyte is leveraging a healthcare-specific CRM platform to instantly assess sales performance in real-time and seamlessly gather data for stronger decision making. The Incyte leadership team can track and monitor internal processes to build stronger relationships with customers and prospects.

With all customer interactions and critical data housed in a single platform, the Incyte team is able to work smarter, not harder. Incyte Diagnostics is now able to:

  • Exceed their sales growth goals
  • Retain over 99% of current business
  • Reduce the workload of customer service representatives by nearly 7%
  • Gain an additional 32 days worth of field time for sales reps
  • Negotiate better payor reimbursement rates with data-backed reports

As an innovator in the lab space, Incyte Diagnostics is on the forefront of innovation and growth thanks to access to real-time data. Happy Lab Week to Incyte Diagnostics and all labs striving to deliver better results from your friends at hc1!

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