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By Sarah Virgil

Amidst the various news items this past week, one stood out among the rest – the safety of the cloud space for personal information. The Apple iCloud was hacked and personal information disseminated across the internet. If Apple’s iCloud is susceptible to a massive hack, what are the risks for other cloud spaces? As a recent Med City News article pointed out, this happened at the worst possible time for the cloud giant, as they are in the process of promoting the HealthKit data platform, which will contain user data accessible across a variety of applications.

This newsworthy cloud hack opens up speculation for other industries, especially healthcare. As a cloud-based healthcare relationship solution, has developed sophisticated security measures to keep protected information safe.

cloud lockScreen Shot 2014-09-05 at 1.46.28 PM

Because the hc1 Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ is built specifically for health systems, we have mastered healthcare security protocol and have guidelines in place to ensure the complete safety and protection of electronic protected health information (PHI). Our cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is also the trusted cloud provider for various high-performance organizations including the Center for Disease Control, the FDA, and NASA. Each client connects to a private cloud in AWS, and each connection is determined by the client, ensuring maximum security for protected information. takes every step to ensure that users and healthcare organizations are in the best possible care – similar to how you and your counterparts care for the end patient. By utilizing a roles-based system, users can only see information that they are authorized to view. is committed to providing a safe and secure cloud environment for users, and high-level security standards ensure this protection.

Learn more about the cloud security protocol here.


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