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By Sarah Virgil

No one strives to be “average.” If given the choice, most businesses would like to be the best, the fastest, the most creative or the most unique at what they do. In other words, they’d like to be the business of choice.

It’s surprising then that so few post-acute care (PAC) facilities seem to stand out when it comes to referrals. In fact, the average healthcare organization refers patients to as many as 30 post-acute care partners.

How can PAC organizations rise to the top of the referral list?

A referral-centric healthcare CRM solution can help. Built from the ground up to work for post-acute care leaders and teams, hc1 helps PAC executives easily identify, engage, and recruit all available referral sources, including physicians, discharge planners, and social workers.

With quarterly-updated insight into claims data across the payer spectrum, including Medicare, Medicaid and managed care, PAC organizations can quickly pinpoint untapped referral sources based on total regional patient admissions, average length of patient stay, and even estimated claims total. This allows outreach teams to contact the most profitable untapped referral sources and track all interactions.

Once a new patient is referred, hc1 will automatically send the patient records to the EHR platform, eliminating an entire step and converting new referrals faster.

hc1 can even help managers identify where sales reps are meeting revenue goals and where strategy is falling short. Incentive compensation can be easily reviewed and changed based on needs, and struggling reps can be identified for coaching.

Learn more about how to make your PAC referral-centric or download our guide, Increasing Your Post-Acute Care Marketshare.

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