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By Diane Nagel

I love meeting new labs who embrace the concept of growth and are taking actionable steps to grow their revenue. In a time when so many labs are concerned about somebody eating their lunch, it's refreshing to meet with a lab like the one I met with yesterday. They're located in New Jersey, 600 employees strong, and gearing up for serious expansion.

Helping medical labs gain a 360-degree view of their client lifecycle means so much more when the lab is progressive. Let's face it, the last great song has not been sung, the last great book has not yet been written and the the next most progressive lab may just be incubating as I write this post. At the end of the day, opportunity is knocking and it's up to you to meet with your sales rep, or take his or her call, or respond to that email that could introduce a new way, a better way to accomplish your lab's goals.

The best part about my job is having the chance to show labs how a SaaS Healthcare CRM Solution like impacts performance by making the lab more productive, with a better view of client trending than they've ever had before. To see in action, sign up for a complimentary demo.



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