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By Diane Nagel

Will your lab survive? That is the question many labs are pondering. With health plans driving down lab test reimbursement rates, many independent clinical labs will be forced to form associations to facilitate participation in managed care networks. These new associations will have to negotiate services as part of a group-purchasing organization.

In order to compete more efficiently and effectively, many labs are exploring clinical lab software that offers lab employees greater access to their data stored in the various data systems within their own lab. One critical component of any modern lab strategy is a healthcare CRM solution, which is a customer relationship management system that is specifically tailored to the needs of the lab (it marries business and clinical intelligence within intuitive real-time dashboards that are available online).

Another question every lab should consider: ”Is another lab winning our customers?” If the answer is yes, then your lab is falling short in delivering on the ability to make every lab feel like your most important provider. This is where a lab specific CRM system like can play a role. It takes a committed team to be a winner, but it also takes technology and data systems that can connect large amounts of disparate data spread across various systems in the lab and convert that into actionable intelligence.

The old days of pulling reports and looking back in time to discover what happened are long gone (or at least they should be). Today's winning labs understand the power of using real-time lab analytics and are investing in healthcare-specific CRM that makes it possible to stay a step ahead of service challenges. This is what it takes to compete in 2012. Are your ready to win? If so, learn more about via our 60 minute video:

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