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By Diane Nagel

Winning clients isn't easy. I don't mean just one time, either. Every time your lab runs a test, your are either winning or losing your client. Today's marketplace is more competitive than ever, with new labs springing up all over the country and the largest labs growing in your target areas.

So how can your lab win new clients and serve them for life?

Answer: Know your clients. More importantly, know how they see you.

The healthcare industry is unique and each of your clients has unique needs. Managing all of those relationships requires special focus. provides your organization with laboratory specific Healthcare CRM. It's tailored to the exclusive needs of labs, providing custom lab management tools and real-time lab analytics. In addition to helping your lab gain a 360-degree view of each client relationship, helps your lab manage the sales cycle with greater confidence. For example, rather than struggling through irrelevant pipeline management and sales forecasting tools built with no specific industry in mind, enables your lab to forecast with unparalleled ease and accuracy by utilizing an opportunity valuation tool that automatically handles panel-specific and specialty-specific revenue estimates.

In order to win your clients every time, you must make each of them feel like your most important ordering provider. To learn more about and how it helps labs win more clients and serve them for life, download our complimentary white paper, Unlocking a 360-Degree View of Your Data.


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