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By Mark Bridenstine

Yes, it's a bold question…but has your lab ever wondered whether a competitor is taking your current clients or winning more often with potential clients? Does your lab know how or why it wins or loses? And are you able to view all of the corresponding data whenever you need it within your lab's CRM system?

With over 15,000 hospital-based and independent commercial labs vying for approximately 6.1 billion lab tests per year in the United States, the competition is only growing steeper (G2 Intelligence Lab Industry Strategic Outlook 2011).

Today’s leaders know the importance of the personal touch, but they are also reaching beyond traditional relationship building techniques and into a world of lab analytics, where it is possible to measure, learn, and confidently adjust to achieve improved results.

Putting the appropriate foundation in place to create lasting success starts with the objective evaluation of your sales team’s historical performance and timely determination of where changes are needed. Kind gestures, such as delivering doughnuts, and ballpark forecasting are no longer enough. The winning teams of 2012 will create a culture of clear expectations, disciplined activity, and constant improvement.'s new Guide, "Growing Your Lab's Sales in 2012: Five Essential Actions that Position Your Team for Success," outlines 5 essential actions that position your team for success by proactively managing and measuring your business and gaining the insight necessary to win clients faster and with greater consistency.

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