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By Sarah Virgil

Did you know that the average post acute care provider (skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, hospice providers, etc.) only knows 40% of its market share? This is a startling stat, especially for an industry built on personal relationships, referrals, and partnerships. As with many industries, post acute care organizations can’t move forward if they don’t have streamlined access to data and metrics.

Fortunately, today’s skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, and hospice providers can realize their untapped market potential by activating an all-in-one post acute care growth stack that creates efficient workflows and processes across every facet of the business, from referral management to monitoring quality metrics to patient care.

100% Post Acute-Specific CRM

Home health outreach managers can monitor reps outreach activities and results in real-time and proactively oversee incentive compensation and liaison skill management. With a 100% referral source-centric CRM solution pre-populated with potential referral source data, reps will always know where to focus their time and efforts to maximize new business.

Real-Time Market Intelligence

Post acute leaders can leverage Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to uncover new potential referral sources for individual reps based on pre-determined components such as patient DRG, length of stay, readmission rates, or even average profit margin potential. With real-time interactive mapping that automatically guides reps to their most profitable referral sources, a post acute care growth-specific platform is the answer for any organization looking to aggressively grow their business.

Live, Two-Way EHR & E-Discharge Integrations

With patient vitals, histories, admissions, and discharge information in a single location, organizations can now capture patient referrals in real-time – without the risk of double entry. Live integrations with leading e-discharge systems like Allscripts or Curaspan make it possible to instantly receive new referrals and pass them into your EHR to instantly visualize new patients. Home health agencies can also automate the order signature process with turn & sign functionality to reduce physician signature waiting times by up to 80% while subsequently reducing physician admin time by up to 90%.

With healthcare CRM, live analytics, and detailed market intelligence data, post acute care providers can proactively grow their census by over 20% in just 6-12 months. See how your team can jump-start growth by requesting a demo of hc1 today.

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