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By Sarah Virgil

Laboratories focused on delivering high-impact, high-quality care to patients
and providers across the continuum of care are already honing in on specific
utilization strategies designed to deliver the right test to the right patient at the
right time.

But what about one of the largest contributors to revenue waste in healthcare?

The hc1 Blood Utilization Solution is specifically designed to help health
organizations understand where waste occurs, the root cause of blood utilization
issues, and the best course of action to resolve issues efficiently. Real-time
reporting and data insight can help healthcare organizations as a whole improve
transfusion ordering to align with clinical necessity based on lab results and
patient conditions.

These metrics include:

• Monitoring blood usage volume across departments, locations, and buildings

• Cross-matching and transfusing where necessary

• Understanding where waste occurs to make inventory go further

Heading to AABB? Visit booth #1749 to see hc1’s Blood Utilization Solution in action. 

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