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By Diane Nagel

I've heard it many times: upwards of 80% of healthcare decisions are driven by diagnostics, meaning that providers must gain access to better intelligence in order to deliver improved patient care. has developed a solution that drives real-time use of lab analytics. More than a lab management tool, is the only  Lab CRM that meets the specific needs of healthcare by connecting disparate silos of information contained within the laboratory hospital, and provider environments. Better access to data means that labs are able to better run their businesses while providing real-time information to their clients.

The components of the Healthcare Relationship Management solution include a healthcare focused CRM, Dashboards and Alerts which notify individuals of key metrics or events, and a secure two-way communication system.

Since the solution is cloud based, it can be accessed from web-browsers anytime, anywhere, enabling users of the service to access critical information with the click of a button.

The solution can leverage data trapped within any Laboratory Information Management Systems, as well as electronic medical systems, hospital information systems, and more.  By pushing the right information to the right individual, and at the right time, truly becomes a vital part of the lab ecosystem, creating a competitive advantage and facilitating the highest level of client service.




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