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By Diane Nagel

I have spent several months speaking with many labs about how they manage their customer relationships, and the #1 challenge I have found:

Lack of communication between departments.

For example: Your sales rep visits a client to grow the account. What your sales rep doesn't know is that for the last two weeks there have been issues with test results arriving late for this client, which has strained the relationship. The sales rep is caught unprepared and unaware, further straining the relationship. In an attempt to repair this and provide answers for your client, your sales rep begins to chase down the reason for the current delays. After four hours of work, your rep learns that someone else is already working on this issue.

The outcome? A customer felt unimportant to your lab and 4 hours of productivity were lost.

Unfortunately, I see this in many labs operating with traditional CRM solutions today. The healthcare industry has specific needs that require a specific Healthcare CRM.  By leveraging a Healthcare CRM, this situation could have been reversed, with the sales rep knowing about the current issues and visiting the client to inform them that a fix has already gone into place. And by leveraging the data within their various lab systems to produce real time lab analytics, the issue could have been identified much sooner, resulting in a positive outcome for the lab and the client.

To learn more on how your lab can do this, schedule a brief, online demo here.

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