The evolution of risk-based safety: from TSA PreCheck to COVID-19 will be hosted by hc1 and Daon on January 19, 2021, 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. EST

By Ali Roach

The healthcare industry is in a state of flux: reimbursement rates are dropping and regulations are changing almost overnight. Labs are now being tasked with doing more with less – all while delivering on the promise of amazing customer service.

This uncertainty has led to several innovative laboratories implementing healthcare-specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to increase client retention and generate new profitable clients. While generic CRM solutions are blanketed across countless industries and verticals, healthcare-specific CRM solutions are custom built to handle the complexities of the healthcare industry, such as:

  • Many-to-many relationships between patients, laboratories, providers, and health systems
  • HIPAA-compliant patient data and PHI, housed in a secure cloud-based solution
  • The integration of healthcare data spread across multiple sources into one holistic platform

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Join us for a 45 minute free educational webinar during which Mike Hiltunen, CRM expert and President at MedStar Consultants, and Ryan Berk, Business Analyst for Incyte Diagnostics, will share how activating a healthcare-CRM can help labs improve business relationships, boost client retention, and grow outreach efforts.

Incyte Diagnostics, a leading lab out of Spokane, WA, will discuss their ongoing success with healthcare-specific CRM that has enabled them to:

  • Exceed their sales growth goals by 107%
  • Retain 99.5% of their existing client base
  • Gain an additional 32 productive field days for their sales team

Attendees will also learn:

  • What CRM solutions are and how healthcare-specific CRM can support lab teams across the entire outreach journey.
  • Best practices on how to identify the right healthcare CRM for your lab and how to avoid common implementation mistakes.
  • How Incyte’s journey with healthcare-specific CRM enabled them to grow profitable, increase client retention, and optimize field sales rep productivity.

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