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By Mark Bridenstine

Specific information system for sales? Yes. Different system for service? Check. What about a separate system for the operations team? We implemented that last year.

With so many information systems and data silos, how is your lab able to gain access to the critical client data that's needed in order to make every ordering provider feel like your most important one? combines Healthcare CRM, real-time dashboards and alerts, and secure communications to optimize relationships among healthcare professionals. Delivered via the "cloud" as a Software as a Service, manages the entire client lifecycle for labs and drives high performance within sales, service, and operations departments.  By tracking and measuring all critical client activities in a central location, provides a 360-view of each client and helps each individual within the lab focus on what's driving the most value.

Without having to replace the systems that your lab has already invested a considerable amount of time and money configuring, your lab is able to easily access a holistic view of each client, while at the same time seamlessly delivering meaningful, unique info to each provider.

The below Lifecycle Flow illustrates how benefits each department.

healthcare relationship management

Whether you are a VP of Sales, Service Manager, or CEO, we'd love to learn more about you and demonstrate Sign up for an demo here.

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