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By Sarah Virgil

The growth of accelerators such as Healthbox, Blueprint Health, and DreamIt Health is evidence that the healthcare industry is ready to take innovation risks. But it is the partnerships between health systems and these accelerators that show true commitment to innovation.

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Hospitals and health systems are a gold mine of entrepreneurial ideas and talent. The brightest minds in healthcare are at the disposal of healthcare organizations, and many of these people are just brimming with ideas that could be the next FitBit. With the help of a healthcare accelerator, these ideas are transformed into reality.

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Take for instance Intermountain Healthcare’s relationship with Healthbox. The accelerator will work with the health system to capture internal entrepreneurial ideas, evaluate them, and determine which ones have commercial merit.

This idea of an internal innovation engine not only increases the amount of research for the healthcare organization, but also builds the good name of the organization in innovation circles. As healthcare becomes more and more value focused, innovation and cutting-edge ideas are what sticks in the forefront of patient’s (and investors) minds.

Building a culture of innovation is a giant step towards the quality-focused future of healthcare. At, we understand that the healthcare journey never really ends, and patient’s have the right to be fully confident in their healthcare providers. Dedication to innovation and the future of healthcare builds this confidence and strengthens the relationship between a healthcare organization and the patients it serves.


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