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By Reed Richardson

December 17, 2019

Healthcare providers have struggled for years to adequately assess which medications are right for a specific patient’s body. Because our genetic makeup is unique, our bodies react to medications uniquely. Medications that help one group of people may be ineffective or cause severe side effects in another. The unfortunate result is that Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) rank as the fourth leading cause of death.1

Targeted pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing and advanced medication therapy management (MTM) are tools that can help remove trial and error from the prescribing process. Healthcare providers can use the valuable clinical information to select the medications and doses that are safe and effective. Because these test results and clinical information are often provided in separate reports and sometimes even stored in different systems, accessing all of the information available and manually comparing the reports in an efficient and accurate way can be challenging.

hc1 PGx Advisor™, the newest product on the cloud-based hc1 Platform is the healthcare industry’s first and only solution designed to optimize prescribing through advanced MTM and targeted PGx testing, resulting in enhanced patient outcomes and reduced costs. By automatically unifying the data available, PGx Advisor generates personalized healthcare insights to tailor prescribing for patients and brings the laboratory, prescriber, and pharmacists into alignment.

“Every year, illnesses and deaths resulting from non-optimized medication therapy cost the U.S. healthcare system more than $528 billion. Reducing overall medical costs while improving treatment requires an accurate and optimized medication regimen,” said Brad Bostic, chairman and CEO of hc1. “With hc1 PGx Advisor, prescribers can now make fully informed, personalized prescribing decisions – with access to a patient’s holistic healthcare history – to ensure the right patient gets the right prescription.”

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