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By Scott LaNeve

July 17, 2019

hc1’s clever and experienced team is always looking for new ways to help healthcare providers improve patient outcomes. With the release of hc1 Opioid Advisor 1.1.0., information vital to clinical decision making is even easier to access at the click of a mouse.

Prescribers can now check a patient’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) report before they order laboratory testing. They can also view a patient’s hc1 Opioid Advisor report history. Administrators can now map new tests their labs offer to existing standards, which can help providers find what they need faster.

PDMP checks help healthcare providers know which controlled substances a patient received from the pharmacy, while toxicology testing serves to verify what the patient is taking. Providers who regularly use PDMP checks and toxicology testing to guide their clinical decisions for chronic opioid therapy patients have seen reduced opioid misuse.

hc1 Opioid Advisor integrates with both LIS (laboratory information system) and PDMP systems to analyze the consistency of toxicology results compared to PDMP data. By automating the retrieval and reconciliation of laboratory and prescription data from different sources and delivering this information in a color-coded, clear report, hc1 Opioid Advisor makes it easier for prescribers to monitor their patients’ opioid use and prevent opioid use disorder and overdose.

Are you a current hc1 Opioid Advisor user? The latest release notes are always available in the CRM in Online Help. You will also find a link to the release notes in the administrator emails and CRM announcement banners when a new update occurs.

Not yet an hc1 Opioid Advisor user? Request a demo to learn more about how hc1 Opioid Advisor can improve your prescribing workflow and provide your own inspiration for product improvements.

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