By Chelsea Yoder

September 27, 2019

First there was the hc1 mobile experience. With just a smartphone and Internet access, you could log into the hc1 URL and find what you need. A mobile-friendly website was a nice shortcut – a handy device for field access.

But what if you were out in the field and there wasn’t a good Internet connection? 

What if there was no WiFi at all? 

Now there’s a new solution.  

Introducing the hc1 iOS Mobile App 

We’ve developed an app that’s available for any current iOS smartphone. With a quick download, you can employ the power of your data through a user-friendly app. 

This new offering has the simple, clean look and responsive feel you’d expect from a well-designed mobile app. Large icons and collapsible menus that are easy-to-read make this an intuitive experience and invaluable tool. 

It’ll make your mobile log-in experience easier, and access remains at your fingertips – whether you’re near a computer or not – whether you’re near an Internet connection or not. 

The beta version of the hc1 mobile app will be available for any iOS smartphone beginning in October 2019. 

Check us out and discover all the ways hc1 can help improve lives with high-value care. 

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