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By Sarah Virgil

EvercoreBlog1In 2013, was recognized for its impact on the healthcare industry thus far, gaining adoption in more than 500 client locations. In 2014, is already being recognized for the potential impact it can make among vertically focused cloud vendors.

Evercore, a premier investment banking and analyst firm with global reach across markets representing 90% of world GDP, mentions in their newly released report "2014 Outlook & Top Picks: New Wrinkles on Existing Trends". Within the "Vertical Cloud" section, is noted as one of the top emerging vertical players:

"…heading into 2014 we expect the next potential wave of vertically focused cloud vendors including hc1, among others, will make an impact."

Read the full report here.

The report also touches on a current trend we are seeing among elite cloud vendors. That is, offering a more tailored solution so they can achieve differentiation among competitors and experience more growth and success. Built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of healthcare executives, the Healthcare Relationship Cloud delivers actionable communication to make the healthcare experience outstanding for patients and providers. While some general Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions may work well for businesses selling shoes or handbags, recognizes and fills the specific needs of healthcare executives by providing the 90-10 Advantage.  The solution automatically captures the clinical activities that make up 90% of the healthcare relationship while intelligently capturing the remaining 10% of business activities.

Although is predicted to make an impact in 2014, it's already making an impact within many industry leading laboratories. See how by reading our featured whitepaper, "5 Habits of High Performance Laboratories".

More about Evercore: A premier independent investment banking advisory firm, Evercore was founded in 1996 and attracts the most talented senior finance professionals to be a part of their team. Today, Evercore serves a prominent and diverse set of clients and investors, including leading multinational corporations, large institutional investors and financial sponsors, and high net worth individuals. For more, visit their website.


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