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By Mark Bridenstine and CEO Brad Bostic were featured on ZDNet earlier this week, with an article by Andrew Nusca in "Between the Lines."

An excerpt from the article, regarding the dramatic shift in healthcare, is below:

Bostic: The big shift in healthcare will be the move from massive, monolithic investments in technology and gear to services. It’s unfortunate that the status quo is having legions of IT people descend upon your building and in two years, it’s outdated. Healthcare is ripe for the cloud.

There are no absolutes where there would be no on-premise anything. There’s no big bang required, but there are a massive base of silos with data that’s gold and being squandered. The bottom line is, you’ve got to unlock the data and turn it into intelligence so it can improve our healthcare benefits.

What cloud services provide is dramatically more secure than what currently exists. Think about the story of a doctor whose laptop is stolen out of his car with 15,000 patients’ data on it. You also have facilities in places like Florida where there is a high-degree of natural disaster risk — and they’ve got their datacenter down the hall.

With the right kind of architecture, it can be bulletproof.

Access the full story on ZDNet below
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