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By Sarah Virgil

Last month Healthcare Relationship Management was featured in a ReadWrite article titled "Everything-as-a-Service: It's Happening Right Now".  The theme of the article revolves around the model of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and how software, databases, and customer relationship management are all being pushed into the cloud.

Under the "Healthcare-as-a-Service" section, is mentioned as one of the as-a-service pioners in the healthcare industry:

"This is not to say that some aspects of healthcare can't be found in *aaS. A new startup in Indiana called, for instance, has created a very niche cloud approach to resource management for medical labs, so they can work with multiple providers and deliver analyses more efficiently."

Among healthcare, other industries continue to push all manner of services on to the internet without having to build a whole infrastructure to support them. lab CRM and healthcare business intelligence is also located in the cloud, which means no software, no hardware, and no IT costs to help implement.

About ReadWrite: Founded in 2003, ReadWrite is now regarded as one of the most widely read and respected tech blogs in the world that reports on new web technologies, apps, or services.

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