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By Mark Bridenstine was recently featured on the popular medical technology journal, medGadget!

An excerpt from the article, Five Questions for Brad Bostic, CEO of, is below. is a newly launched cloud based service from Bostech designed to streamline the relationship between medical laboratories and healthcare providers. combines comprehensive healthcare CRM, real-time dashboards and alerts, and secure messaging capabilities, all in a browser-based environment. The company believes that its new offering, with no up-front capital investment and no IT infrastructure to maintain, will disrupt the industry by appealing to a wide range of clients.

Shiv Gaglani, Medgadget: In a nutshell, what does hc1 do and how will it change medicine?

Brad Bostic, CEO of® addresses the critical need for healthcare professionals, spanning multiple healthcare disciplines and entities, to effectively work together, allowing patients to receive better care at a lower cost. Better management of the relationships between these healthcare professionals is critical to addressing the current healthcare crisis. optimizes the relationships between healthcare professionals resulting in improved healthcare for patients while providing the leaders of healthcare organizations with real-time access to intelligence that continuously improves the quality of care. Our unique solution that addresses these issues is called Healthcare Relationship Management™.

One of the most critical relationships in healthcare exists between medical labs and healthcare providers, where 6.5 billion US lab tests per year result in more than 70% of all diagnostic decisions. optimizes this relationship by automatically logging key information related to the lab testing process, facilitating communication, and delivering key intelligence to the provider and lab in order to help improve the quality of care.

Since healthcare providers are the core client of laboratories, it is critical for the lab to deliver the service and intelligence required by the provider to succeed. The® Healthcare Relationship Management™ service—a cloud-based solution that combines healthcare CRM, real-time dashboards and alerts, and secure communications—arms labs with a real-time, 360-degree view of each client and the intelligence necessary to deliver a truly personalized experience to providers.

Historically, disparate data systems utilized by sales, client service, and operations within medical laboratories have made it nearly impossible to coordinate the actions of all departments in order to deliver a customized and consistent experience to each client. converts data spread across multiple silos into dynamic intelligence that keeps all healthcare professionals and executives informed of the critical information they need, resulting in a higher quality of care at a reduced cost. At the same time, improves the quality of healthcare by arming providers with time-sensitive information, like Critical Value Alerts. For example, a hospital using can immediately identify hospital-acquired infections so that they can take the appropriate steps to control potential infections, preventing patient hardship and saving thousands of dollars in un-reimbursed care.

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