Watch the second annual Precision Health Virtual Summit powered by hc1 and Becker’s Healthcare

By Sarah Virgil

This past week, participated in the 32nd annual G2 Intelligence Lab Institute in downtown Washington, DC. We were proud to be the platinum sponsor of the event, and thank everyone at G2 for a great three days in DC!

At the booth, attendees gained valuable insight into utilization strategies that enable labs to increase efficiency and save money. hc1 provides utilization solutions around:

  • Ordering the right test at the right time, including best practice ordering data
  • Test coverage guidelines, as determined by the National Coverage Database (NCD)
  • Targeted growth and outreach based on historical ordering trends

Lab professionals attended sessions that discussed how high-quality labs can not only survive amidst ongoing challenges such as reimbursement challenges, coverage restrictions, and market reforms, but can do so without fear while creating new opportunities for growth and profit.

On Thursday night, co-hosted an Executive Reception and Dinner with Xifin. This dinner was preempted with a quick presentation from CEO Brad Bostic and Xifin CEO Lâle White, where they discussed how labs can begin to develop a value-driven strategy to become more engaged with your providers and patients. The most important player in the healthcare journey is the patient, and they deserve to be treated like a person, not a number. With, labs can now play a pivotal role in optimizing the patient’s healthcare journey throughout the continuum of care.

The entire three days were a great way for to connect with diagnostic service professionals, as well with other IT vendors in the healthcare space. If we were unable to connect with you or your team an you would like more information on, please reach out at or call 317-219-4646.


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