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By Sarah Virgil

The following is a personal message from Dr. Charlie Miraglia, the Chief Medical Officer at

Dear Colleague,

As a fellow medical professional, I have a first-hand understanding of the significant challenges our industry currently faces, and appreciate the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that can keep us up at night. The pressure to lower the cost of our products and services, which include the provision of valuable data and intelligence needed to better serve our clients and care for our patients, has never been greater. And yet as we navigate through these challenges, industry standards and clear direction have been lacking.

Having been where you are now, I can clearly speak to the value of a healthcare-specific CRM like, including the following benefits:

  • The ability to track, document, and proactively manage customer needs, enabling your team to maintain high levels of service by quickly identifying issues and taking action, which enhances your relationship with them and your role as a true partner.
  • The means to achieve operational excellence by executing lean business processes, and accessing real-time business intelligence dashboards. This immediate visibility of performance trends allows team members to take action to ensure optimal efficiency.
  • Full-service campaign management functionality that allows your marketing team to execute targeted campaigns, measure performance, and communicate directly to prospects and clients – increasing sales and retention.
  • Your sales leaders can now manage contacts and opportunities, allowing them to track outreach activities, performance, pipeline, and sales trends alongside clinical information.

The end goal of healthcare is straightforward – to manage the health and wellness of patients using the valuable data, information and intelligence available. With the hc1 platform and insight solutions linking the efforts of operations, service, sales, and marketing teams throughout health networks, the true value of data in the provision of high quality healthcare can be realized.


Dr. Charlie Miraglia

If you have any questions regarding, or would like to speak with Dr. Miraglia directly, please contact or reach out to him on Twitter @ccmiraglia.


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