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By Diane Nagel

As you can see from the following press release,'s client St. Vincent Specialty Hospital leverages our solution to combat hospital acquired infections:

According to industry experts, the costs of hospital acquired infections are astronomical. According to a study performed at Duke University Medical Center in 2010, the costs range from $10,000 to $100,000 or more per event. For details see link to study:

Frequently the critical information within a hospital system's laboratory information system (LIS) is not measured, trended, or presented in a manner conducive to recognized an outbreak quick enough to react effectively. 

By overlaying the LIS with cloud based lab analytics and tracking software, alerts can be initiated and communicated to hospital administration in real time. 

One of the most frustrating situations that a patient, or a patient's family, can experience is the sometimes catastrophic ramifications of an infection acquired during the battle with an unrelated ailment. 

By thinking out of the box, or refusing to be in the box, technology can be leveraged to prevent very emotional and traumatic events from occurring. To learn more about, download our whitepaper with G2 Intelligence.

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