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By Diane Nagel

The final and 5th leg of our West Coast Road Tour has brought us to a perfect example of a lab needing to be as absolutely efficient as possible in every department.

The Outline:

  • Start-up laboratory operating on a shoestring budget
  • In need of developing a profitable, high performance sales team at a low cost
  • Needs to develop a lab CRM program 
  • Needs quick, easy & accurate visibility into every department
  • Must be up and operational ASAP

Not a small task by any stretch of the imagination, and a challenge I think most of us in this industry can relate to: Move Fast, Low Cost, Produce Excellence.

Old school approaches won't cut it here. Capital expenditures eliminate purchasing multiple top-of-the-line systems for every department, let alone the cost and time of implementation and training. Too costly, too slow. 

The Solution:

  • Leverage the current low-cost Laboratory Information Management System via the cloud
  • Integrate all Sales information via log-ins to the same cloud solution
  • Integrate all Service information in the same manner
  • Connect directly to customers' EHRs/EMRs 
  • Filter all this data through powerful lab management tools & output real time lab analytics

One top of the line solution covering all aspects for one monthly subscription, eliminating the pressure of capital costs. Implemented in weeks, not months while empowering the laboratory to offer top quality services their competitors can not.

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