Watch the second annual Precision Health Virtual Summit powered by hc1 and Becker’s Healthcare

By Sarah Virgil

Heading to HIMSS 18 next week? hc1 CEO Brad Bostic will be presenting on how advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence is the key to building robust public health programs to stop ongoing epidemics like opioid abuse. Add this HIMSS presentation to your calendar.

You should attend this presentation if you want to learn:

  • How healthcare data from multiple sources, including laboratory test result data, holds the answers to solving public health questions.
  • Ways government agencies, leaders, and healthcare providers can predict possible geographic areas at risk for opioid abuse.
  • How the State of Indiana has already started identifying possible demographics to target with preventative programs.
  • The specific tools and platforms that are helping both healthcare organizations and government agencies make proactive, informed decisions that directly impact public health initiatives.

Can’t make it to the presentation? Check out this webinar recording to hear Bostic and Sanjay Malkani, Executive Advisor of Health Cloud Capital, discuss how laboratories and healthcare providers can take a more proactive role in halting opioid abuse across America.

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