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By Sarah Virgil

The pressure to provide outstanding service to your lab’s providers and patients is growing, which is why IT professionals in healthcare need to start thinking outside of the box of traditional models and applications.

Progressive labs are now thinking proactively rather than waiting to react to provider issues. These same labs are also shaping the experiences and expectations of their providers with essential technologies that help them win more clients, gain back hours of productivity, and confidently make decisions for the future.

Listed below are 3 essential technologies and their uses — is your lab using them?

1. Lab management solutions

  • Evaluate trends and promptly develop a plan of action
  • View turnaround time (TAT) and order volumes
  • Plan for better service in the future

2. Lab business intelligence solutions

  • Quickly interpret data
  • Support clinical decisions
  • Define measures for service

3. Lab CRM / Healthcare CRM

  • Manage the needs of your providers at the click of a button
  • Provide better client interaction coordination
  • Prioritize action items for efficient use of time

So, maybe you put checkmarks by all of these technology essentials, or maybe your lab is utilizing 2 of 3. Yet the current transformation of care and service for providers could be saying, “It’s not good enough.” Healthcare Relationship Management makes it easy for your lab to reap the benefits of each essential technology, creating the kinds of client relationships that result in higher client retention, stronger profitability, and more client wins.  Your lab shouldn’t have to choose one or the other. To learn more, sign up for a demo.


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