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By Lauren VanDenBoom

February 16, 2021

The digital health passport has emerged as an innovative tool in the effort to help us safely return to gatherings, events, and air travel despite COVID-19. Usually deployed as a mobile app, digital health passports provide either a visual token, a QR code, or even a biometrically enabled way to verify an individual’s identity while also sharing their COVID-19 testing or vaccine status in a manner that safeguards their protected health information. 

hc1 Chief Commercial Officer Brent Atwood recently joined Jessica Patel, Airside Mobile Chief Revenue Officer, during an event hosted by Plug and Play to share how hc1 and Airside’s unique partnership is connecting lab test information into Airside’s health passport. The February 10, 2021, virtual presentation focused on how digital health passports are our ticket back to international travel and more and featured many of the health passports available today and how they are being used.

Airside’s Digital Identity Network facilitates secure, convenient information exchange and addresses the security, privacy, and reliability concerns for digital health passports with its user-controlled, consent-driven Digital Identity app. The partnership between Airside and hc1 provides Airside with the ability to deliver lab results in real-time within the Digital Identity app, while also providing hc1 with a Digital ID component for hc1 Workforce Advisor.  

“Of course we’re all here to talk today about what the benefits of a health passport are, and I think the key is, from a user’s perspective, to make sure that we’re actively addressing their concerns so that they are adopting the solution that I think is going to recover the travel industry and many other industries in a safe way,” said Patel. 

For businesses, Airside offers a proprietary API called Airside X that is used to verify and access information on a consent basis without any storage liability for the organization. This helps organizations reduce their burden of complying with privacy regulations because they don’t need to capture and store the data. Consumers have the Airside app, which enables individuals to grant permission to share their information. 

“We do think that maintaining a chain of custody of the testing information is critical,” said Patel. “Individuals and businesses, in particular, are relying on this information to keep their passengers safe, to keep their travelers safe, and again, inside and outside of travel. We believe that verifying an ID and tying the verified ID to a verified lab-confirmed test result is going to help to prevent fraud and improve safety, and that’s exactly why we’ve partnered with hc1.” 

As the largest provider in the world of lab analytics and insights, hc1 has more than 22 billion clinical transactions in its platform, a number that grows daily. 

“They were looking for a platform provider that could combine those types of pieces of information, but mostly focused on the lab, and push those out in a powerful way,” said Atwood. “It’s got to be easy to use. So, in the example of COVID, the real challenge is how are you able to go at scale and get these testing results out there pushed out and available on a single platform and let us deal with the labs. Let us be that critical interface because we know that business since that’s where we’ve come from.” 

Atwood stressed that digital health passports have uses beyond just air travel, but also for entertainment, dining, and the workplace. “This is not just for travel,” he said. “This is, from a consumer standpoint, anywhere I want to go, Point A to Point B. I’m there to experience something or many things, and we’ve got to be able to transcend that in an easy way.”

Ubiquity and longevity of a solution were key points many of the event’s speakers focused on. They were clear that, regardless of the solution, we need to be better informed about COVID-19 and other growing threats and better prepared to deal with them. 

“And it’s not just to solve the issue of COVID,” said Atwood. “I think we’re all here because we want to make sure this never happens again or, if it does, that we’re in a position that we’re informed and we have a tool, a system, a solution to be able to fight it and be informed before it hits.”         

To hear all of the event’s presentations, visit Plug and Play, or visit to learn more about how hc1 Workforce Advisor and digital health passports are safely getting us back to work, school, travel, and events.

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