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By Ali Roach

Like many labs, Rosetta Genomics realized that a lack of data was impacting their operational efficiency and impact. Without the numbers to guide them, sales reps were struggling to manage pipelines and drive prospects through the sales funnel.

Rosetta decision makers ultimately decided on the hc1 Healthcare Relationship Cloud platform because of the way it seamlessly combines best-in-class healthcare-specific CRM capabilities with real-time analytics and dashboards, resulting in a holistic, 360-degree view of sales and operational activities.

“hc1 allowed us to drive some of that day to day activity that management has to understand and make it available for them to see, and it also forced the sales team to be better at what they do,” says Doug Sites, VP of Sales & Marketing for Rosetta Genomics.


With the hc1 platform in place, the Rosetta Genomics has been able to transform internal processes to provide high-quality care and service to providers and patients alike. “hc1 has drastically improved our ability to connect to our customers, and if we’re better at servicing those physicians it means we’re better at servicing those patients on the back side,” Doug continues.

You can watch the entire Rosetta Genomics video here to see the rest of Doug’s story.

P.S. – Want to see Doug speak in person? Join hc1 at AACC next week in San Diego! Learn more and RSVP here.

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