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By Sarah Virgil



In a recent post on The Health Care Blog, Bill Crounse, MD, wrote an informative opinion piece entitled, “What Healthcare Could Learn From a Technology Company.” He talks about the collaboration and communication that goes on at companies such as Microsoft, where he can get in touch with any one of his 10,000 colleagues with a couple clicks. Crounse’s comparison of technology and healthcare is a testament to how far behind healthcare is as an industry:

[It] hit home again last week when I asked my mother’s family doctor for a copy of a report on an imaging study he had ordered. It took five phone calls to make something happen and my only choice was to receive the report via fax machine. Fax machine, really?

This is a trend that has seen repeatedly, with labs using everything from post-it-notes to colored paper to track calls and issues. Why is it that a system whose sole purpose is to better the lives of so many can’t seem to wrap it’s head around breakthrough technological advancements?


Crounse believes, however, that there is hope on the horizon. The advancement of tele-health, mobile apps, and wearable devices are bridging the ‘cultural gap’ between technology and healthcare. With cloud-based communication and analytic solutions such as the Healthcare Relationship Cloud™, this gap is shrinking even further.

To learn more about how the Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ can help your healthcare organization bridge this cultural gap, contact us today!


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