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By Sarah Virgil


In healthcare, much like other markets, there are various systems that organizations need to fully streamline all of their operational, financial, and strategic initiatives. Healthcare organizations are also dependent upon an industry-specific addition to the IT equation: systems of record. A slew of 3-letter acronyms (LIS, EHR, HIS, etc.) make it difficult for non-diagnostic tools to provide a healthcare company with a fully integrated approach to business intelligence and relationship management.

With the hc1 Healthcare Relationship Cloud™, healthcare organizations can fully integrate the communication, collaboration, and analytics components of the solution with their industry-standard systems of record. And, according to a survey from TechValidate, over 50% of healthcare organizations are planning to integrate their LIS with

With, healthcare organizations not only have access to an integrated customer relationship and data analytics solution, but their systems of record are also integrated, providing a holistic, 360-degree view of all clinical and diagnostic activity, from testing to billing to patient engagement.

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To learn more about the hc1 Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ and our fully integrated approach to healthcare, request your free demo today!

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