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By Sarah Virgil is excited to announce the rollout of hc1 4.0, our most significant upgrade to date, arriving this summer! We have gone through over a year's worth of user data from our existing clients, as well as countless conversations with customers, to completely redesign the user interface with heightened focus on reducing clicks and expanding user intuition. By adding powerful filters to the Communication Center, hc1 4.0 streamlines collaboration between users across the lab, adding a tone of accountability to employee communication.

360-Degree View

Another new feature designed to bring data to users faster is the addition of activity record types to global search. This allows users to transition between a big-picture view and specific records gracefully. You can now create new activity and opportunity records directly from global search – and the point of engagement, not after. hc1 4.0 makes it easy to access a holistic, 360-degree view of provider details to enhance client service and build client relationships.

One-Click Efficiency

hc1 4.0 brings one-click efficiency to multiple areas, allowing users to complete a task or resolve a case in just one click. A reduced amount of whitespace on detail records brings more data above the fold so the user can make informed decisions with fewer clicks, ultimately increasing the speed and quality of choice for every user.

4.0 1 4.0 2

As an example, when you associate a provider to a task, the provider's email and phone number are available directly on the task record. No need to click through to the organization, making it easier for you to enter into a proactive conversation with your clients.

To learn more about hc1 4.0, watch the video below:

If you would like to learn more about hc1 4.0, email today!

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