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By Sarah Virgil

Today, Castle Medical, LLC, a high-growth toxicology laboratory located in Smyrna, GA, announced they will be working with to eliminate manual processes and scale its business.

The 411 on Castle Medical:

Castle Medical - Final Logo - White Background - Revised-TMWhile their focus is on drugs of abuse testing, they believe their duty is to physicians and their patients. Not only have they put together the industry’s most comprehensive and functional testing panels, they also offer a plethora of toxicology testing services. With a state of the art medication management and drug confirmation facility, Castle Medical is a leading management and monitoring provider to pain physicians. With a special knowledge and expertise of drugs which are prone to abuse, they have an edge on aspects which relate to pain management, making them a valuable asset to chronic pain management. Castle Medical is headquartered in Smyrna, GA.

“As any high growth organization can relate to, our success has bred its fair share of operational challenges,” says Castle Medical President of Sales Rob Mitchell. After evaluating several general customer relationship management (CRM) tools, the Castle Medical team determined that it needed a lab-specific healthcare CRM solution provided by a partner that is experienced and knowledgeable of the healthcare industry.

“Our needs are immediate, and the ability to benefit from the hc1 platform in a matter of weeks rather than months or years was an important aspect of our decision,” adds Castle Medical Director of Operations Jennifer Blair. With, Castle Medical will gain access to a holistic view of all provider and patient profiles securely, using any internet connected computer or device, making it easy to manage their complex lab, provider, and patient relationships.

For more information on Castle Medical and, read the full press release.


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