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By Sarah Virgil

In today’s extremely competitive healthcare environment, organizations are looking for every way possible to increase revenue. Large health systems have started relying on their laboratory outreach arms as a leading source of incoming revenue for the overall organization. Lab outreach programs generate an average of $19 million annually in revenue for healthcare organizations, and savvy healthcare leaders are maximizing this potential by implementing strategic sales and marketing plans.

In a recent article on Strategic Health Care Marketing, hc1 CEO Brad Bostic discusses ways leading healthcare organizations can leverage strong marketing strategy to win in today’s competitive environment. Many healthcare executives have started to rethink the role laboratories play in generating revenue for an organization, and hospital marketing teams can play a large role in leading this charge.

Bostic highlights how one leading health system successfully transformed their laboratory outreach strategy into a winning, revenue-generating plan in just five simple steps:

  • The health system assigned a leader for the project who was responsible for creating a team to bring the lab outreach project into fruition.
  • The team developed a clear relationship between outreach success and laboratory viability.
  • This outline ensured that all operational leaders and managers within the laboratory were on board with a new outreach-focused strategy.
  • Both operational leaders and the project leadership team developed a list of potential barriers and obstacles to success.
  • Together, the teams created a strategy to overcome these roadblocks and outlined definitive growth goals and KPIs.

Read the full article on Strategic Health Care Marketing.

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